Xyclone Gets Ready To Capture The #1 Spot On The Reggae Billboard Charts Again!!!

First off, congratulations on achieving the coveted #Number 1 spot on the  Reggae Billboard Charts, with your Album “From The Basement, To The Big Leagues.” How did it feel knowing you claimed that position, was it euphoric?
 ” Well actually I debuted at number 14 on Billboard and that was more euphoric than hitting number 1. It might sound crazy, but that was my first time ever seeing my name on a billboard chart, not that I’m not grateful for being number 1, but it was more euphoric debuting at number 14. However, hitting number 1 gave me a feeling of accomplishment because it meant that my hard work paid off.” – Xyclone

Give me some of the formula to that album’s success story?

” The formula was to go on a pre-album tour, during that time, my album was out on preorder. So I went from city to city performing my songs, gaining new fans and selling these albums.” – Xyclone

Honestly, do you think “From The Basement, To The Big Leagues” got enough exposure to a global audience? I mean It did do well on the Billboard Charts, but could that have been due to the marketing and promotion of the album, not the genuine love for your musical sound? Did it increase your fan base, make you become a household name?

” No! However, I did get to perform in Switzerland, Spain and the UK, therefore it did get some global exposure but there could always be more. People don’t buy what they don’t like, so the people that purchased the album are people that actually like my music. My core sales came from DC, Baltimore and NYC, yes it did increase my fan base. ” – Xyclone

I’m just keeping my questions Valid, our readers want to know!

Moving forward, because we all know your in the Big Leagues, what’s next for you musically?

” What’s next is my new album, 2774 Waterford Parkway. It’s set to be released on June 8th.” – Xyclone 

What changes are you seeing within your genre of music?

” I’m seeing now that artiste can spread their music easier through the internet. Back in the days you needed a record label to help you get your music out there. But now with Apple Music and Spotify, (Spotify pays $5,000 for 1 million streams) artist can gain exposure easier through the internet.” – Xyclone

Do you believe it’s a good thing, that a lot of main stream artist are tapping into the Caribbean/Afrobeat influenced sound?

” Everyone taps into everyones, music is global and so is the world. Because I can be in New York at 9am and London in 6 hours. A lot of major cities are melting pots so subconsciously we tap into each other’s music. However, yes I do believe that the sound that is leading now is the dancehall/Afrobeat sound and everyone is going with it.” -Xyclone 

Ok let’s go off course a bit, because I feel like everyone wants to rule the world if they could, lets say you’re the leader of the so called free world, President of the United States, give me five laws that you would make effective immediately.

1. Free school, because I think education should be free.

2. I think it should be mandatory that people with money should help people in need, not lazy people, but people that can’t actually do better and need real help.
3. Get rid of  the electoral college because I think it’s outdated.
4. Stricter gun laws because I think that’s very important.
5. Free healthcare.
– Xyclone
Ok Mr. President !

With your new project “2774 Waterford Parkway” coming out soon, do you feel pressured to top “From The Basement, to the Big Leagues” on your own musical scale?

” I’m really just focused on doing music, I’m not focused on the charts, but if I reach number 1 again I will be grateful.” – Xyclone

Any celebrity collaboration on that project?

” I decided to do an entire album with all upcoming artist and producers, where I can give them a platform to also expand their music, so that everyone can share this success with me.” – Xyclone

What are some memorable moments within your musical career?

” Being able to perform in countries like Switzerland and Spain, because I’ve always dreamed about performing in Europe as a kid. Also being number 1 on the billboard charts.” – Xyclone

Leaving a legacy behind in life is very important, tell me what will be yours?

” I want to be able to give other artist the opportunity to showcase their talents, allowing them to be as great as I will be, or even greater.” – Xyclone 

There it is, the Billboard charting artist known as Xyclone kept it #OhhSoValid with me. Remember his new album titled “2774 Waterford Parkway” will be released June 8th 2018
 “Focus. Set a goal and accomplish that goal. Then set more goals and accomplish those goals.” – Xyclone

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