What The Rap Game Needed, Meek Mill’s “Championships” Album

“Championships”, arguably one of best rap albums of 2018, showed that Meek Mill understood what the rap game needed. The Philly rapper known to spit flammable barz, let fans know to always count him in, and to never count him out.

The year did start off rocky for Meek Mill though, with a five-month stint in jail for an 11-year-old probation violation, had the rapper behind the wall with barbed wiring, angry at his people and upset with the American judicial system due to his unjustified arrest. With the commitment of razor-sharp attorneys, and the backing of music mogul Jay Z, pushing to overturn the unwarranted conviction, Meek Mill was ultimately released on  April 24th, 2018 to a homecoming that had all the social media platforms abuzz, and The City Of Brotherly Love, overly hype.

Getting straight to business, Meek Mill hit the studio and produced an album that is noteworthy. Collaborating with some of the best in the music industry, like the punchline king, Fabolous on the track “Uptown Vibes,” and what will be deemed a cult Hip Hop classic track, “What’s  Free” which features Rick Ross, and owner of Tidal, rap phenomenon  Jay Z. Now, that track had many people stuck in a trance, almost zombie like, trying to figure out who had the better verse, what was subliminally said, and who got the middle finger directly pointed at them, while still letting people know, what real freedom is all about!

Meek Mill also didn’t leave out the newcomers to the music industry either, artist Elle Mai who gave us Billboard hits like “Boo’d Up” & “Trip,” vocals added the right element to the record “24/7,” a sampling of Beyoncé’s mega-hit song “Me, Myself And I.” Meek still kept it gritty and street validated with tracks like “Respect The Game,” “Trauma” and “Championships”. We all applauded when Drake & Meek collaborated on the track “Going Bad,” some wanted to be a nasty girl when they heard Meek say “I want a freak nasty ho, that’ll grant all my wishes,” *judgment-free zone please* on the record “On Me” which features Cardi B. I gained a new found respect for Meek when I heard “Almost Slipped,” having almost slipped myself, so this song resonated!

With a host of other A-list rap artists to establish “Championships” as a well-rounded body of work, that I’m sure will garner Meek Mill some accolades equivalent to a championship ring.

“Championships” is certified #OhhSoValid