Pick a hat in the entertainment industry and chances are, Jody-Ann “Queen JoJo” Beckford already wears it. In one multifaceted personality, you will find a radio producer and presenter, music/ artist promoter, social media marketer, event planner, and an entrepreneur all rolled in one. June makes four years since her entry into the entertainment industry, which coincides with her time at Roots FM. Entering into artist promotion was a literal ‘labor of love’ for her when she first met and fell in love with then unknown artist, Hardio.

“In order to help him with his career, I learned how to leverage social media and developed a network,” she explained, “Although the relationship did not last, I found that I had a passion for helping artists to reach their goals. That’s when I decided to start Queen JoJo Promotions as a vehicle to achieve this goal.”

Since building Hardio’s career, Queen JoJo has moved forward to work with a host of other artists such as Malakiyah, Keithus I, Kmetik Nyne, Sykah, and Rohan Da Great, as well as Canadian Reggae/ Dancehall artistes and producer Daze, Fancy Lady and Latoya Jane. On top of it all, she has completed promotional campaigns for Something Lifestyle Restaurant, Stages Canada, and Mini Miss Roots FM.

Not losing any momentum, Queen JoJo is currently focused on her YouTube series, ‘The Music Corner’, a platform that caters mainly to upcoming artistes. Encouraged by her sister Tamika to pursue the idea, the series officially premiered on May 29, 2020, on her “Queen JoJo” YouTube page and online radio station, Queen JoJo Radio on

“My first artistes were Birdz-I, one of the most underrated upcoming female artistes I know, Hardio and Dianne James, who both released their singles recently. It was definitely a vibe and good look for the journey with ‘The Music Corner’,” she elaborated. The series airs every Friday at 10 AM and will give upcoming artistes the well needed platform to share their journeys through the music industry, especially those with limited opportunities due to lack of content or online presence.

“I hope to give artists the experience of what an interview feels like; I want them to leave ‘The Music Corner’ with knowledge on how to conduct themselves in an interview and actually have content to share with other media houses they may want to get on to,” the producer further expressed.

Grateful for the support so far, Queen JoJo plans to take this series as far as it can go and invites potential guests to email to be a part of the show and to also follow her Instagram page @queenjojopromo87 for news and updates.

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