The Hustle & Flow Of Publicity With Jonathan Torres

Please introduce yourself…

My name is Jonathan Torres, also known as Torres or PR. I am 36 years of age, 100% NuyoRican (New York Born and Raised Puerto Rican) I’m originally from Ridgewood Queens, and moved to Massapequa/Amityville Long Island in 1996. I’m the CEO of 1PR INC, a Public Relations and Marketing Company that focuses on Music, Branding, & entertainment.

What’s the day in the life of a celebrity Publicist?
Humbly speaking, I haven’t quite yet reached the level of Celebrity Publicist status, but I have worked campaigns with several artists in the music industry. I love my life because every day is a different experience. One day I could be in Manhattan hosting my new artists showcase in NYC, then hop on A Tour Van and go assist Chris and Irv Gotti with a BET Talent Search in Richmond Virginia.  I appreciate the fact that my life is not monotonous, but outside of that, is a lot of Emails, Follow-Ups, Social Media Marketing, Phone Calls, and Meetings either, One on One, or group settings.
Why is it important for a brand/business to have a publicist?
I feel that it is important because it’s about reputation and proper representation. Sometimes a Brand or a Business may not fully understand how they want to convey themselves, or not know how they want to be received and perceived from their audience and target demographic. I will come in, assess their brand by Q&A, doing a web and social media audit, and have a full understanding of the Business and Goals before I begin to work.  It also helps to have someone who is somewhat known and reputable, because it helps your representation.

What are some major advantages to having a publicist and are there any disadvantages to having a publicist?

There are many advantages, you have someone who is knowledgeable, passionate, and articulate in that field, who again can properly represent you, and present the message your are trying to convey. Again you also have someone is who known and reputable, that may have contacts to people you are trying to get to. This Business is mainly about having relationships, and also having some capital to invest into yourself.
One disadvantage I see is that sometimes some artists or entrepreneurs get complacent, and think their PR/Publicist is supposed to do all the work. The person should be inquisitive and want to learn what their Publicist is doing, so they can work better as a collective.
As an Entrepreneur/Business Owner in today’s surge of overnight Entrepreneurs, how do you separate yourself and become a success story?
I tell people all the time, it takes 10 Years to become an Over Night Success (quote from Chris “Gotti” Lorenzo)
There are some lucky people who make it up the success ladder very quickly, but those come very few and far in between.
I separate myself by being, consistent, persistent, and being relentless. I do so many different things as well besides PR, but they are within the same MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT umbrella.
This allows me to continuously work and network to stay relevant and build my BRAND.
Let’s talk clientele, whose currently on your roster? Do you seek out clients or do they come to you for Pr Services?
In Regards, to my Roster, my main client is Da Inphamus Amadeuz @DaInphamusamadeuz who takes up the majority of my attention.  He is an All-Around Entertainer and Entrepreneur. He is a DJ on Shade 45 XM Radio, An Artist himself, A Producer, Videographer, and has been featured on National Geographic,etc.
I have other unsigned, up and coming artists who I do smaller campaigns for on a regular basis. Typically artists find me mainly on IG and social media for potential work.
What brand or client would you love to work with, and in your mind would make you say to yourself “Damn, this is the upper echelon of a public relations client that I’ve been striving for”?
I would love for the opportunity to work with Jay-Z. From being born and raised in the boroughs, I have been a huge fan of his work since 1995. I also have the utmost respect for him, from seeing his transition from “The Corner to the Corner Offices”. I truly appreciate his street smarts and his business Acumen. Having the opportunity to work with him, for me would be a dream come true.
What are some of your best experiences within the Public Relations Business?
One of the best experiences in general at least for me is traveling and touring. I love going on the road seeing new cities, meeting new people, and learning how people operate in different demographics. I’ve been on so many main and backstages with some of my favorites and best Artists in the world, rocked stages with Jadakiss & The LOX, Fabolous, T.I, Travis Scott, Ja Rule, Ashanti, Murder Inc, etc.
Besides working as a P.R I’m Also a Fan of their music.
Let’s talk about you appearing on TI’s Show “Grand Hustle”, what was that like, being on Tv in front of the world?
It was an amazing experience. I went from being locally known to being recognized across the U.S and even overseas with BET International.  Being on that TV platform gave me more credibility and notoriety, and the recognition allows me to be a better P.R.  It was definitely a challenge, as the show was 100% non-scripted. So we really had to use our hustler skill set and apply it to all the tasks and challenges we had. I loved the experience, the opportunities,  and my castmates for life.
What are some future plans for your Empire?
Continue to grow my 1PR Brand to unprecedented levels, to be the Premier Public Relations and Marketing Company in the Entertainment Industry.
Also Assist with the Growth of My client/Business Associate Da Inphamus Amadeuz on his business ventures such as IGET@MEDIA Group , Live 89FM and his personal Brand Etc.
Also just recently, I got blessed with the opportunity to work with the OG in the Music, Industry Chris “Gotti” Lorenzo CEO of Add Ventures Music Group, Former CEO of Murder Inc.
He has opened up a platform for me to thrive and become successful by allowing me to be part of this vision.
These are some of the few, but rest assured there is a lot more to come.!
Where can our readers find you and your company?
Very simple, You Can Google Torres1pr for all of my work, Social Media Platforms, and my affiliated businesses will Pop Up. I kept it uniform by keeping my last name and business together for branding purposes, which makes it easier to be found on the internet for search engine optimization.
You can also follow me on IG/Twitter @Torres1pr and
Any jewels that you would like to drop for those seeking Public Relations Services?
I definitely suggest for everyone to do their due diligence and research any person or business they consider to do business with.
There is a lot clout chasing and as the young people say “Cappin” out here in the industry. It’s imperative you seek out people who are legitimate and reputable, don’t fall for all the glamour and glitz.
Also don’t focus on price, rather on the value. I see many people get their money taken on a regular basis, with no results, then complain about it on social media.
I like to close my interviews with a quote that will inspire our readers, give me your best one!
“Nothing Fails Like Success”. In other words, when a challenge in life is met by a response that is equal to it, you have success.
But when the challenge moves to a higher level, the old, once successful response no longer works- it fails; thus, “Nothing Fails Like Success”.
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