Government Gang Theory

Peace and Universal Blessings.

I want to begin by stating that the country that we live in today is not the country it was intended to be. This nation was built on corrupt policies, strong arm military tactics and financial domination. We were suppose to be the head of all nations and the epicenter of financial and political power. Yet we have become the blueprint for the greatest debacle of government in history.

From community advocates to our elected officials in Washington, we have been let down on all angles. From the lack of public funding and the ever increasing rate of unemployment, this country is eating itself into a problem unimaginable to fully recover from. We are only footsteps from our own demise. 

When we have turned away from the faces of our community leaders and elected officials, who do we look towards for guidance?. We must look for guidance within ourselves. We are the power behind the government. Ladies and gentlemen, we are the “Government”. Yet we struggle to muster up the strength and gumption to pull ourselves out of this mess that we’re in. How can we represent ourselves as a nation when we are divided as a country.

Consider this, a nation structured on the ideologies and differences of each citizen of this country, at least it should be. Yet only a small percentage of this country bare the wealth and fruits that this country has to offer. Capitalism is the strongest means of survival in this country. Your dollar is irrelevant until you invest it in someones else pocket. Gaining wealth has become a magic trick mastered by corporate charlatans and political crooks.

The crisis that we face economically is nothing new to this America. Even though through the years we have given it many different names, corruption is always the common label. We were a country that were destitute during the civil war, borrowing from nations to fuel our civil unjust between the North and the South. Do you think that someone knew how rich the south was in natural resources like oil?. I’ll bet you everything on your back that they did. Wouldn’t you want to protect your backyard if there was a notion of continuous wealth flowing underneath your feet.

Lets talk about the Industrial Revolution. This was the dawn of a new world, machines, factories, sky scrapers…. competition. Yes, competition. Not only did America evolve with time but so did most of the world. Now when your the only one selling iron by the tons, your in a good market. But when you have competition taking away from your revenue then you have a problem. Not only were we great at producing machinery, so were other countries. We produced a large arsenal of weaponry during those years. Ironically other countries did too, they even produced a better quality with greater firing power. Hence the dawn of WWI followed by WWII.

I wont focus on the parallels of war and financial and global domination. Even though through the years all wars fought on this land and abroad by this nation were motivated by money. If we controlled another country, we ultimately control their dollar. I’m not talking about small change here, I’m talking about their financial institutions, their holdings with other nations, everything!!!.

Now as I fast forward to today’s crisis, we are basically back at square one. We are caught up in the stock market. The entity that basically dictates the value of the air we breathe. you see, you have to have all eyes open for this one for it is deceiving to the naked eye. The stock market is a game designed to corrupt the competitor, Bottom Line!. Many commodities on the market are items and products that we use on a daily basis. with that being known, you can estimate how a commodity is doing just by using common sense.

If its summertime in California and oranges are their best selling produce, I would assume that the demand will be high for those in parts of the world that love the taste of an orange but cant produce them. Now if I have that market cornered, I guess I’m set for life. Not until someone produces something just as good as oranges for a cheaper price and at a longer seasonal distribution range. This is just a portion of how the market begins to play with the minds of the public. The same goes for mortgages, personal loans, financial investments and so on.

When your motivation is greed your appetite is rarely satisfied. The drive for more is the ultimate high and the consequences we pay as citizens of this country are the ultimate low.

This is the conclusion of part one: The Government Gang Bank Theory. Stay tuned for Part Two.

Take care and God bless.

Author Siekiem-Kontom 



Author Siekiem-Kontom


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