The EveryDay Woman

“What can I do to spruce myself up? Enhance what I already have? “Asks the everyday woman. Unsure of how to use half of the products that are out there on the market, yet so intrigued by the thought of being more beautiful with a touch of makeup. Sometimes less is more, and little makeup can go very far.

The everyday woman can begin with the minimal. This consists of:
A Foundation
Although shaping and shading your eyebrows may seem intimidating right now, keep in mind you can still groom your eyebrows without shading them in. At minimal comb and or brush the hairs of the brow in place to make for a cleaner look.
Finding the right foundation may take some time, so don’t stress. Be open-minded to mixing foundations to get the color you need and the look your skin deserves. I still recommend when mixing foundation stay within the same type of foundation i.e mixing cream to cream, liquid to liquid, powder to powder, or cream to powder foundation. This way you are dealing with the same texture of the foundation throughout the mix.
Eyeliner always assists in defining the eyes and bringing depth to them. The eyeliner can be a pencil, gel, or liquid. It is about finding what works for you and what makes for an easier application i.e some find it difficult to apply liquid liner because it is so runny and watery, therefore they find the pencil works better. I personally utilize the gel liner from Inglot in my kit. It’s more solid, rich in color, and it goes on very smooth.
Mascara is great to add volume to your lashes and make your look and eyes pop! Dependent upon whether your lashes are currently full, long, or short will determine if you should purchase a mascara that adds volume and/or length. Mascara will assist in thickening the lashes making them much more noticeable. Mascara makes “batting your eyes” well worth it.
Spice up your look with a hint of color on the lips or a gloss. If bold is not your thing that is perfectly fine. Find a lip that looks good on you i.e maybe you want to wear a “red lip” but you feel it doesn’t look right on you. It typically isn’t the fact that it does not look good on you, but you simply need to find the shade within that color family that is fitting for you. Which red do you need? Is it a deep red? Is it a blood red? Is it a coral red? What are the undertones of the lip color? All of these things make a difference, it’s too early to overthink. To begin, just find a lip that will give you a natural look effortlessly. That can be a lipstick, lip paint, or simply lip gloss.
Now bring it back to life with blush! This always gives your face the warmth it needs after applying foundation. Apply that to the apple of your cheeks and you are good to go!
Full face application is not necessary for the everyday working woman. Save the full face application for an event, birthday, photo-shoot, or simply treat yourself. Set the intimidation.

By, Sheraton Gatlin


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