The Climb

The next step they say will be even BIGGER. The secret to life is to always be a seeker and not a quitter. We have the right answers for ourselves. At least, a million other people on this earth feel the same. Over the years we have to ask ourselves the same question, what do we really want to achieve in our lifetime?

“ The Great Secret of life is the law of attraction that says like attract like, so when you think a thought, you are also attracting like thoughts to you.” – Rhonda Byrne 

 We have to go back to the beginning and find that strong sense of being present and connect ourselves to something greater than ourselves. Some may call it, the spiritual force others may call it mere luck. To fully understand the phases of life and how to face them, the Climb was created. 

Stages of the Climb 

  1. The Big Questions – Who am I and Where am I going? These questions – asked so often – must have a possible answer. Growing up, most of us created an idea of what we would like to be in our adult lives. The traditional careers in Law, Medicine, and Education have always been the lead on society’s hitch list. But, the question of Who am I? Is more than our career path, it’s an ongoing process of knowing oneself that will contribute to the careers we want. A flower cannot blossom without being planted in the ground first. It is the same with our existence, we have to place emphasis on what we would like to experience in life. Self Identity comes with re-thinking and re-discovering ourselves. One way of answering the Big Questions is to create a list of things we like and dislike, make a vision board – to visualize our dreams to reality, take a color personality test – this will align your abilities and skills so that you can function at your full potential.
  1. Earn the right to take a risk –  A risk is a risky decision to make. We are always bombarded with this statement in one phrase or another by naysayers disguised as friends, loved ones and your biggest enemy, your own thoughts. You must not be a victim of self-doubt. For better or worst, taking a risk will separate your success from your daydreams. You have the right to take risks to improve your capabilities and achieve your goals. You have a right to live, do not create a block of negative energy. Accept the loss, rejection, and criticism. These will be the building block to conquer the great feat. One way to visualize your risk is to create a mind map that will allow you to see your roadblocks to risk-taking. 
  1. The Mistake – I am special. The habit of glorifying Me, Myself and I will eat you alive without you even knowing it. Your success story can easily be compared to another because there is nothing special about the struggles. It is the lesson that makes the story special. Take a moment and create a list of “ your struggles” and create another list of how you will overcome them. Do not aim for perfectionism or indulge yourself in procrastination, commit yourself to achieving your life goals. 
  1. The Calling – Father can you hear me? The moment we start to feel that sense of comfort in a job or pinch of success, you have found your purpose. Your energy will increase, and you will not feel buried beneath the shadows of depression and anxiety. The unfolding process begins and you accept your self-identity enriched by the flow of positive energy. At this point, you need to keep focused and get ready for the spiritual, emotional and physical attacks. 

     “ I’m so glad trouble don’t last always
O my Lord, O my Lord, what shall I do ? ” 

I’m so glad trouble don’t last always.

  1. Peace vs Contentment – Are you really happy? Imagine being in prison for 20 years without the basic necessities for living. You have access to no food, water and the air around you turns black with the unpleasant smell of decaying bodies. You continue to think about hope to feel at peace but, some aspect of yourself has died. You will be the epitome of dead man walking because faith without work is really dead. Feeling dead inside, you become emotionless or unable to feel because maybe your calling is not what you expected. This is a disappointing phase and giving up on your dreams becomes easy. 
  1. The Need to Please – No! People-pleasing or approval seeking – call it what you will, it means the same thing. This need to please can be exhausting for your mind, soul, and body. Unfortunately, we cannot seek self-worth approval from everyone. Instead, have the courage to say no. Start a new habit of yoga, listen to classical music or read a book that encourages self- discovery. And say No! 
  1. The Shift – Threatened by me. You will have dreams in the subconscious state, and you may think of others which can help you interpret what your dreams means to you. At this point, everything around you will be shifting to make a new path for your journey to self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-identity. All eyes on you. You will feel strong and weak at the same time but, you will have to trust your instincts that things are turning around for the better. Your calling will fall in place and you will lose friends, family, and co-workers during this phase. 
  1. Tall Poppy Syndrome – There is no competition because nobody can be me. People are only mean when they feel threatened. At this point, you are at the peak of your success. At least, that is what you think and what others will see as “walking money bank”. You will be criticized, resented, attacked, and people will try to you cut down, because they will put you in a box as superior to them. 
  1. The Comeback – Failure is not an option. After the setbacks, disappointments, and self-pity, it’s time to make the comeback of the century. At this point, your only limit is your mind. You have matured mentally and every setback used as a lesson, you can now do things the right way. 

                     “ Your positive actions, combined with positive thinking results in Success.” 

  1. Power, Control and Manifestation – What do you think this means?

Leave a comment below and share your #Valid story of Power, Control and Manifestation! 

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