TailorMade Faces

Felisha Brown is a Freelance Makeup Artist from Queens, New York.  Felisha attended the Empire Beauty School in New York City where she was introduced to makeup from a professional perspective and from there she fell in love with the art and it reverted her attention from Hair Styling immediately.

Upon completion of school, she took on the title of Freelancer and with hard work and consistency, she created a buzz for herself through social media channels such as Instagram. Felisha has worked through many different outlets like BET Centric, and VH1 doing some familiar faces.

She has worked with Latice Crawford, Azealia Banks and Omarion along with some of your favorite reality stars, like Bianca Golden from America’s Next Top Model. She’s also been able to see the world through her make-up, including tours of Europe and several different ventures here in the US.

Although Felisha loves touring, her daily work comes from everyday people in her community who love and supports what she does. In an industry that’s becoming saturated with aspiring artists, Felisha has developed a genuine interest in providing mentorship and education courses to aspiring and beginning MUAs. She has a great desire for assisting them in finding their place and helping them to create their own unique style to promote and nurture their own successful career.

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