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Happy New Year!! I’ve really missed you all but I’m back and ready to bring you some Valid Reviews all 2021!  Last year was crazy but thank God its all behind us. We’re leaving all the drama behind and going only where the money resides in 2021, so I wanted to review some high end makeup products that are worth the hype.

So has anyone tried the Givenchy Everwear foundation? I tried it a few weeks ago and fell in love. It is so smooth when applied and has a satin finish. Its full coverage yet so natural looking on my mixed undertones.  It also contains a reasonable amount of SPF20 so while being flawless, my skin is protected from the harmful sun rays.

My favorite feature is that it lasts for at least 24 hours and is so easy to retouch. I looked it up on the site but didn’t see a price but it retails for $52.00 at Sephora. Its definitely worth the money. I also really love the  Givenchy highlighter called Shimmery Glow. I love glow powders that have a natural finish. I used it on my beautiful client along with the Everwear foundation in P300.

Photo: Darren Laing
Glam: Exceptional Beauty By Lucy
Hair : Lucy / Make Up : Felisha
Photo: PAT McGrath Labs

Another relatively pricey product I got was the PAT McGrath LABS MTHRSHP MEGA: CELESTIAL DIVINITY eyeshadow palette. It retails for $78.00 and lets be honest, I never want to spend that much on eyeshadow but I really felt like I needed to have it. With time you’ll realize that  I actually hate buying makeup, especially eyeshadow. We’ll get into that later on but ,the main attraction for me is the beautiful hues of my two favorite color eyeshadows.

I love Green eyeshadow but purples are my favorite to wear. The shadows are extremely pigmented and the pressed pigments are really gorgeous. The colors with glitter have a really fine sparkle for maximum shine. The palette is missing my favorite transition and crease colors, but it still gets a pass because all the colors compliment each other.
Follow my Instagram @tailormadefaces to see some looks because i’ll be using this palette all month long and definitely for Valentines Day.

The last product I think deserves a mention is this eyebrow and lash building serum. Its not that expensive but I know a lot of women struggle with brow growth so I had to share this. So my Mary Kay leader had me over for one of our regular glam sessions, and her brows were really abnormally thick. When I asked how long has it been since her last brow appointment , she said it hadn’t been long but she was using the Brow and Lash building Serum from Mary Kay. Needless to say I ordered it immediately because we love natural thick brows.

I used it for a full week at night after my skin care routine and I was impressed. I was really surprised to see my brows fill out so quickly. The hair looked so much stronger than usual and my brows are so much easier to fill in for any makeup look. I did use it on my lashes but not as consistent because I honestly don’t use too many liquid eye products at once. Overall, I’m definitely a fan . If you want to purchase this item its $38.00. Your brows will thank you.

You can email tailormadefacesinfo@gmail.com to place your order or inquire about more products and services. You can find more valid reviews , glam inspiration and client photos on my page. Stay safe and I’ll talk to you soon.

– Tailormade Faces

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