Tailor Made Faces Presents : Calm Spring Favorites

Listen, March and April were so crazy, I didn’t even get the chance to bring you some products that deserve a mention and a super valid review. With the state of the world, I’m sure I’m not the only one that suffers from anxiety, so I know someone understands how difficult maintaining mental health is. Lucky for me, glam is an instant mood changer, as long as I have my favorite products in stock to get cute with, everything will be ok! In honor of the March madness and the deep desire to keep calm, I’m mentioning a couple of products that I am crazy about, especially my favorite Cannabis infused beauty products. These products will definitely get you on the right track for the hot girl looks we’ll be giving all spring and summer.

One of the first items I really love is Teddy Eye Khol from MAC Cosmetics. It’s my favorite eyeliner, It’s a warm deep brown with a dark bronze shimmer, that makes brown and hazel eyes pop immediately. I use it on eyes and lips every day, It’s one you’d have to sharpen so it goes pretty quickly. I have at least 5 right now because I never want to be without it. This pencil is $19.00 plus tax. I found a drugstore dupe that is similar that I think is great, but it’s just not the same! It’s the infallible liner in bronze from L’Oréal. It gets the job done, but it’s a tad too metallic and super golden, so it doesn’t work on lips the way I’d like, I have a few of them just in case I’m totally out of Teddy.I love sultry looks that don’t always rely on black liners to bring the sexy, sometimes black liners can make eyes look a little tired after a few hours, especially if you have dark circles. We should definitely be ditching black liners in the daytime. MAC is known for discontinuing products people love. So I’m letting you know now if they discontinue my pencil, Imma be Upset, and I will NoT hold back my complaints!

         Another Product line I can’t get enough of is the Black Radiance Contour Kits. Ever since Highlighting and Contouring became an obsession, there have been countless products to grace or disgrace the market. This brand hit it right on the head, their skin line is pretty tight considering it being in the affordable category. I love the foundation and primers, even the loose powder. However, that contour/highlight kit is everything, It definitely was made with the melanin rich girls in mind. I love that it comes in cream and powder, also in a few shades. I love how consistent the product is until the very end, I love that it’s super blendable, I love how easy it is to pack and go. Like, literally no complaints here! It’s the best and most affordable contour kit on the market, I normally get mine from my local Rite-Aid.

It’s so interesting how Cannabis has become this big thing in the media. I’m loving how the beauty industry is welcoming “Your Royal Highness” into our favorite brands. More products are cannabis infused these days, and I’m definitely not mad at it! NYX cosmetics was one of the firsts to do it. I have the Primer Brow Gel and Lip Gloss that are all Sativa infused, can we really feel the difference tho?? I’d say the brow gel doesn’t give me any feels, but the gloss is super soothing, the Face Primer has a subtle but yet obvious natural looking glow due to the micro-pearls, It also feels pretty calming, and I love the natural finish that it gives.

I also have the cutest little weed palette from Melt Cosmetics. It’s called Smoke Sessions, It’s priced at $48.00 but add tax and shipping, It has beautiful green and gold tones, and I love the two matte ones in the middle for their unique rich tones. The only thing that’s missing from it is, the warm transition color but it’s the vibe for me! My favorite shades are Grand Daddy for that olive gold tone and Mean Green because I love green. They also have another palette called Four Twenty, but I didn’t choose it because I didn’t love most of the colors, and I hate buying eyeshadow, to be honest!

I recently discovered a brand called MakeUp Revolution in Ulta. They have a Calming Makeup Fixing Spray that’s infused with Cannabis Sativa, I honestly love it! I’m not normally into fixing sprays for myself, but this one really does feel like it’s doing something for real! I love the light fresh scent, and I love how the fluid sprays super fine. My issue with most sprays is that I never ever like to look wet, this spray dries in 60 seconds, I absolutely love that.

I’ll be doing more research on more CBD infused makeup products and give them a try. If you have any recommendations let me know. Until next time Friends. xoxo

-Tailor Made Faces

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