Tailor Made Faces Presents: BLACK LOVE

Hey Friends! So, February as we know was sort of a big deal. I am a certified hopeful romantic and I enjoy all things lovely, romantic, and sexy. I low-key love Valentine’s Day and I love that it happens during Black history month. I also really love being black, so I’m going to go ahead and celebrate that with some Black Beauty Picks. 

First of all, shout out to Rihanna. She is Black History in the making! I think she struck diamonds in the sky with Fenty Beauty, but I’m here to talk specifically about the Gloss Bomb. The shade Fu$$y has to be one of the best glosses ever. It has the perfect amount of sparkle and shine due to the fine silver-ish shimmer. The tone of the pink is perfect which makes it suitable for all skin tones. It’s comfortable, it smells delicious and it photographs like a dream. She also recently launched the gloss bomb cream in 5 shades. My favorite is Mauve Wives. The Gloss Bomb will definitely turn your look up a notch.  

The Eyes are the window to the soul so I’m very strategic when it comes to choosing eyeshadow palettes for my Valentine’s Day Clients.  I love choosing palettes with a sexy barbie-ish color story to set the tone.  The Amrezy palette brings sexy barbie vibes. If you’ve ever visited Amrezy’s Instagram page you’ll see that she naturally has sexy Barbie energy. The palette gives just that! She combined 16 gorgeous shades with ample transition shades, gorgeous barbie pinks suitable for all skin tones, pressed glitters that sparkle a mile away, Brown and Black. I love when a palette comes with a good black. I’m aware that Amrezy isn’t black but I think she definitely deserves the pass that Justin Timberlake, Eminem, and the rest of them have because she got flavor. Ok!? Rezy Me, please!!

Muse: @artistfrombearth
Eyes: Amrezy Palette

Being that I ran the Amrezy palette into the ground last season, I knew I had to bring some new color stories to WOW my clients. That’s why I purchased the Pat McGRATH Palette. I heard it was amazing so I really wanted to check it out. I used it for my beauty Campaign this year so I had to follow up and let you know if it was worth the hype. I had mixed feelings at first but I love how the colors look through any lens. It looks different in person. The soft shades are really soft but grab attention. The shocking ones are just that with strong pigments to seal the deal. I’m big on transition shades and they only have 3 but they are perfect. The smooth metallic iridescent finish with some sparkle definitely puts this palette on the high-end scale. This is definitely a palette for an artist but also good for the everyday woman. I’ve been using this palette all month so check out some of my favorite looks on my page. 

Muse: @iamsavannahleigh
Eyes: Pat McGRATH mothership palette
Lips: Fenty Gloss Bomb in Fu$$y
Photo: @babygillusions

I don’t mean to be long winded but I must shine a light on  Black Opal. That stick foundation is one of the best Black Owned foundations and has been for a long time. This beautiful muse is wearing the color Hazelnut, Beautiful Bronze, Suede Mocha, and Ebony Brown. These foundations look like skin and easily match undertones of brown skin. They are so smooth and blend perfectly together. I’ve been using these products for years. Sam Fine put me on. I read his book 10 years ago and when he mentioned a drug store brand as a staple foundation in his kit, I went and followed suit. I’ve literally never been dissatisfied. I’m sure my fellow MUAs would agree. I hope you enjoyed this month’s picks. Happy Black Love Month and I’ll see you in March for the madness.

Muse: Lady Ashley
Skin: Black Opal Stick Foundation
Photo: @Babygillusions



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