In the honor of SPARKLE season, I must shine a light on Urban Decays Heavy Metal Glitter Gel. The gel consistency makes it super neat and easy to apply. I love the fact that you donʼt need a glitter adhesive, however, it can act as one to incorporate your favorite loose glitters. The combination of chunky and fine glitters allows it to complement natural and dramatic looks.

Saturday Stardust is my favorite shade. The sparkles are warm toned with pinks and cool toned with greens which makes the blend suitable for all skin tones. The sparkle is real, so wear these only if youʼre ready to Sparkle sparkle.

Another product that wowed me recently was the Neutrogena mini wipes. The new Single Packaging was a really great idea! I used to hate when the last couple wipes in the large pack would dry out. They may or may not have been the first to make a mini package but I swear by these make-up remover wipes. They get the job done without being harsh on the skin. Now we can add convenient to its list of accolades. Definitely incorporate these into your skincare New Year resolutions. Itʼs a perfect way to remove your makeup on the go and perfect to use as a daily cleansing wipe.

LA Girl concealer was a really good thing that came to bless us during this last decade. Iʼll admit, I was sleeping on it. We keep it a buck here so I’ll say that I didnʼt gravitate to it much because of the price. We have seen concealers with a higher price point flop so I really didnʼt expect much from it as an undereye concealer. I think itʼs the best 2.99 concealer there is. I actually really love the orange corrector also. It really tackles the

darkness but you really need to blend it out properly prior to adding your shade. I love the brush applicator and the consistency of the product. I love using the color Toffee under my eyes and under my brows. I would say you could get at least 14 hours of fabulous out of this concealer. A $2.99 concealer with $20.00 energy is definitely valid in my book.

-TailorMade Faces

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