Swashii Releases New Track “4/20”

Fast rising Dancehall artiste Swashii is ready to blaze the airwaves with his newest track, a high energy song aptly titled “4/20”. An ode to marijuana, the process of getting the track together was quite simple.

“To be honest, it was just a feeling I had after smoking a joint, so I expressed myself and my feelings on the beat,” the artist explained.

Produced by Suku of Misik Music Production, the track is sure to thrill and appeal to a wide audience, especially with the yearly celebration of 4/20 coming up in a few days. Speaking on expectations, Swashii is quite confident that the track will be well-received and considers it to be one that others can relate to.

“I expect this track to go far because it has potential and it’s also different so my expectations are at the highest peak with this single,” he expressed. A music video for the track is set to drop in accordance with 4/20.

Actively pursuing music since 2016, Swashii is aiming to be a standout artiste with a sound distinguishable from others and a character that makes a lasting impression, not to mention his ability to transmit energy and good vibes through his music is impeccable.

The Dancehall artist has racked up an impressive discography so far and has no intentions of slowing down any time soon. Some of his releases to date include “The Story”, “High Grade”, “My Rules”, “Progress” and “Look We Hard” featuring Harry Toddler.

With new singles currently in the works, as well as a forthcoming EP, the artist is determined to make a name for himself on the local scene and of course, the international scene.

“My goal is to become extremely successful and reach the hearts and souls of my fans. My music is meant to uplift people,” he said.


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