adjust (something) to conform to a norm.

Despite the fact that I was extremely shy,

I still knew that

Momma said: “My confidence is Sky high.”

This little old woman lived all alone.


                                          Momma said: “Child, She is quite alright.”

swept and swept,

choke with all the dust that surrounded me. 

                                          Momma said: “Protect your space with crystals baby.”

Excessive complaining. 

                                          Momma said: “You blame others. Beat that negative Energy.

I started to list out what I was grateful for.

I changed the tone of my thoughts.

Shaved my head, in and of itself.

What have I lost?

Heads up!

Turn around 

Sit down. 

                            Momma said: “we’re all out searching.

It’s indescribable. 

Being in love,

you are the one.

you are doing enough.

                                        Momma said: “Be careful. If anything happens, find a balance.

packaged my mind as a gift. 


The Mist 

an act out of courage

I’ve seen it written both ways: “leaped” and “leapt.”

Which is correct?

                                      Momma said: “It’s fine to use either one. Only good Salvation last.”

I smiled.

Classic Fuchsia has grown.


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