Sue Tsai “WildFlowers”

A perfect Friday afternoon in Los Angeles, California and it’s finally starting to feel like spring. Walking down the street, it’s hard not to want to walk in.

A coloring bar on your right upon entering the gallery space, adults speaking amongst each other and as lively as the colors on their coloring pages. White walls splashed with emotions displayed unlike I’ve seen expressed. Pinks, yellows, hues of green and blue across various canvases. A note from the artist, In short, she deals and has dealt with heartbreak, sadness and unforgivable failure in life, yet in art has found her voice, and with a twisted edge, gives us the beauty, strength, happiness, joy, and love she has that keeps her going for herself and the world we all live in. Upstairs a zen collective of apparel strategically decorated with a traditional Japanese cherry blossom tree, lanterns, larger than life $2 bill butterflies, red bridge and a creatively designed river with koi fish.  If you haven’t heard of Sue Tsai herself, you have without a doubt seen her paintings within the world of music. Tsai’s most familiar work amongst music comes from the collaboration cover art for Wale’s “Bad’ featuring Tiara Thomas (2013) as well as the remix featuring Rihanna. Since then, this New York native has made quite the cross over in brand collaborations with Apple, Tidal, and Billionaires Boys to name a few amongst many others.

Her most recent “Wildflowers” exhibition made it’s debut in Hollywood to the public March 15th. The exhibit features a 27 piece collection collaboration with Puma, as well as her phenomenal artwork ranging from canvases to adult coloring books. The women’s street and sportswear designs featured Cherry Blossoms amidst a camouflage backdrop, giving it’s audience “peace within the war”, much like the story in all of her work. There is a war going on within ourselves and society as a whole. We’re broken, but there is so much beauty in the reflection of not letting your pain mold and shape you, but much like the butterfly, grow through stages of chrysalis. Morphing into the beauty of what the world has to offer, and not become consumed with darkness. Rise above and find your voice. Although the exhibit only lasted until March 17th, the collection is available for purchase on the PUMA website, as long as supplies last, and believe me when I say… THEY WILL SELL OUT FAST! Be sure to put in your order and visit her site ( for other artwork, apparel, and merchandise. 



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