Sisterhood, does it exist? 

Sisterhood, does it exist? 

Sisterhood, what is it? What does it look like? And does it even exist? 

Does it mean you talk on the phone with her daily, constantly spending time with her or telling her all of your deepest secrets? I don’t believe sisterhood is any of these things. 

I believe sisterhood is a circle of friends that you can rely on, it’s a safe place where you can be your most authentic self and not be judged. Sisterhood is trust and a reflection of you, where you can draw strength and wisdom. Through sisterhood I believe you can be held accountable to be your best possible self; this support can help you elevate and transform your life. 

Years ago I was once among a group of women, all of us hungry for the things of God, we all fellowshipped together, they were all beautiful and powerful in their own way and all had something to add to each other’s lives. A lot of the women didn’t understand the concept of sisterhood but desired it. I remembered feeling pressure from the other women to be apart of my inner circle when I simply wasn’t ready for it. This lack of willingness on my part caused me to be talked about, ostracized and excluded from a lot of things, which let me know I had to guard that space even the more and use discernment when giving access. 

Sisterhood is a relationship that is formed organically and a space for you or her to be your most authentic self. A lot of women are not mature enough to receive, accept nor understand the trustiest parts of people.

Sisterhood can not be forced, repeat that after me, Sisterhood cannot be forced and not everyone deserves to be in that inner circle, though every woman deserves respect and encouragement. 

In my line of work, I’ve come across different types of women all the time. I desire to help them, build them up, and provide them with tools to become a better self. There are some women that don’t want to deal with or be around other women that aren’t in their inner circle. They are envious of other accomplishments, economic status, and relationships. This isn’t right and we have to do better as women!

Sisterhood doesn’t tear you down, although it’s a space to be transparent, it isn’t a place to belittle, talk about and assassinate other’s character. 

Now that we have an idea of what sisterhood is and isn’t, Can it exist for you? Why do you need it?

Yes, sisterhood can exist for you. You have to develop a few qualities first. 

  1. Be true to you (authentic) 
  2. Be kind
  3. Open Communication 
  4. Be Helpful
  5. Be a giver of yourself, time, expertise and money if need be (I can see yall rolling your eyes on this one) 
  6. Empower Her
  7. Be Understanding 
  8. Be Truthful (deliver it in love)

I believe every woman needs to be a part of a sisterhood. Sisterhood holds you accountable and helps push you pass the points you want to stop. They are your support system, they are your prayers, they are your strength and they will bare your infirmities on their shoulders or back, chile were ever they have room to carry it. You can’t be an island and suffer in silence. You need help and a true sisterhood provides you with that help. Especially single women, we need a sisterhood. 

Sisters are your second pair of eyes to give you new lens and a genre of perspectives, they are your ears to hear beyond what’s actually being said, they are your mouthpiece to speak up for you when you cant, they are your warrior that will trample over the enemy when you are weak. 

Sisters who can live without them? 

-Khadija Romney

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