‘Saved, Sober & Sitting Pretty’ Reveals the Voice of Silent Sufferers and their Battle Against Addiction and Abuse

Pain can be turned into purpose, and all that it takes is recovery, sobriety and self-love. This is the central message of a new book, ‘Saved, Sober & Sitting Pretty’ by public speaker, influencer and mentor, Ebony K. English.

‘Saved, Sober & Sitting Pretty’ shared the story of Ebony, who achieves triumph against all odds by converting failures of the past into victories of the future, all with a helping hand from God. It is through God’s intervention that Ebony learns to translate pain into purpose, and takes us through her life journey which began as she grew up without her biological father. The immediate consequences reveal themselves in feelings of insecurity, resentment, and unworthiness. Ebony goes on to battle a twelve year period filled with substance abuse. Left broken and desperate for a bright future, Ebony lets God heal her from the inside out, and makes peace with her past.

“By telling my story, I am sharing a journey of transitioning from substance abuse to A Woman of Substance,” says Ebony K. English.

Ebony’s story reveals that being sober wasn’t her primary goal. Gaining hope, rediscovering dreams, loving oneself and living the best life possible was the goal. She directly addresses the conqueror who lies silently in all of us, and gains trust with complete transparency, speaking from the heart, and sharing her emotional story of triumph. 

As a mother and a true Southern girl raised in Columbia, SC, Ebony K. English stands for the cause of silent sufferers and helps them bring out their voice through her writings. Ebony is a certified recovery coach, a peer support specialist to homeless adolescents in her community, and founder of Saved, Sober & Sitting Pretty an organization that inspires women to live their lives on purpose and declare victory over the battle of alcoholism and other addictions.

For more information, please visit: www.ebonykenglish.com 

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Saved, Sober & Sitting Pretty is available on Amazon.com

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