Are You Ruining Your Favorite Beauty Products?

Are you Ruining your favorite beauty products?
Chances are that it’s taken a lot of time (and money) to build your makeup and skin care collection, which makes it an investment and we all want to protect our investments right? Did you know that your beauty products can be ruined by things as simple as heat, humidity, and too much sunlight? Here are 5 of the most common ways you might be ruining your favorite beauty products.
1. Storing your perfume in direct sunlight- it might look pretty displayed on your vanity or your dresser but if your perfume is in direct sunlight, Long-term sunlight exposure can gradually change your perfume’s scent and formula.
2.Keeping products in the bathroom- With humidity comes the potential for mold, storing your makeup collection in the same place you take hot, steamy shower might not be the best idea, the high humidity and heat from your  shower makes your  bathroom a breeding ground for bacteria and other problems, you do not want moldy eyeshadow! Or melted products.  Always store your makeup in a dry place.
3.Sticking your fingers directly into a product- This is a big no! It’s just not sanitary! Putting your fingers into a product creates a pot of germs. This is why a lot of brands have moved from jars to tubes. If your favorite products use a jar, grab some disposable mini spatulas, you can usually find them at your local beauty supply store. Use a spatula to scoop the cream out, no double dipping!  This simple step can help you avoid contaminating your product and smearing germs all over your face.
4.Pumping your mascara- I cannot stress this enough. I think most people do this out of habit, but it’s one of the number one killers of a tube of mascara.  It may seem as if you’re getting more product out of the tube but in reality, you’re allowing more air to get into the tube, creating a drying effect and promoting bacteria growth. Simply circle the wand inside the tube once or twice before applying.
5.Leaving the cap off of your product- I’m sure all of us are guilty of this one, it’s 6 am, you slept through your alarm and you’ve got 7.5 minutes to take a shower, make yourself look presentable and dash out of the door. You get home 12 hours later only to find out that you’ve left the top off of your product all day long. This is a recipe for ruining your favorite products, makeup tends to dry out very quickly when not stored properly, so don’t be surprised if you come back and your concealer is as hard as a brick.
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