Quata Budukusu Is Home

Music has so many ways it touches and reaches people, the mood it gets you in, the thoughts it makes you reflect on. These are all the powers and the beauties of melodies, beats, and harmonies, and one such mood genre is called Reggae music.
The power of Reggae is so powerful that now the motherland Africa has received it,
connecting us all by drums and melodies.
There is an artist by the name of Jacob Etroo aka “Quata Budukusu,” a true ambassador for African music and especially Reggae. He’s originally from the Cape Coast but now resides in Ghana. Jacob Etroo has embraced the culture and the culture has embraced him, this vibrant artist is one who writes and speaks from the heart. His latest single out on the airwaves now resonates with us all. He has mastered several different aspects of music and it is clear to hear and see within his style of musical delivery.
Budukusu has made a mark with his lyrical tongue twisting style. It is said that he is the fastest “TWI” rapper in Ghana. Budukusu has fused several elements of music and several different genres to create a sound that is exclusive to him. He stays true to his African heritage and the Urban flavor of the coastal vibes. He’s well decorated with several awards and nominations. His album resume is also solid with songs like “Wonie”, “Me”, “Quantum Life Progress” and several other singles as well.

His latest single The title “Give Thanks” is doing the rounds on local radio stations here in Jamaica and also doing well in Ghana. The song is one we can and all should live by. It’s a powerful song that opens doors and emotions we can all relate to. It comes from a place of knowing hardship and being grateful for every opportunity. The video is also in rotation on Hype TV and other platforms. It’s a melodic single and it’s one that shows how far he’s come since his childhood days of singing amongst his friends in the streets of Ghana. He’s very talented and his style has a blend of authentic African folk songs and indigenous sounds mixed with his love for Reggae and the Jamaican culture.

Stay tuned as we will continue to monitor the progress of this young talent.



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