“Press” A Valid Music Video Review

Backfoot! Work she a work, anuh chicken she a jerk —  In true Caribbean fashion, those were the exact words from my mouth when I first saw Cardi B’s Press. At just 45 seconds into Press, you can tell this music video is a whole mood for the rest of the summer. Whether you simply misjudged how much heat Cardi B can bring—the shook effect has happened to most of us while watching her journey thus far. The question is, once you’ve seen it, can you un-see it? 

Narrated by Death himself, Press explores the nature of fickle-in-love against the backdrop of a bloody game that includes the press. The detailed music video makes the song not “just another rap-along.” Cardi B’s highly anticipated music video further cemented her place in hip hop hall of fame with Press — having been viewed online with a record of 18 million views in less than five days since it premiered on Youtube. 

The storyline follows Cardi B ‘real bitch in the flesh’ portraying a criminal female, from a steamy menage-a-trois, a raunchy choreographed naked scene, and a courtroom massacre. 

Interestingly enough, the Jora Frantzis directed music video is almost reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s Telephone with cigars, prison, nudity, and sunglasses without the infamous Pussy Wagon truck. Her army dancers gave a Janet Jackson vibe from Rhythm Nation with certain hand gestures and formation; stars will always inspire stars. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the video is filled with subtle symbolism, from the start – we’re introduced to dualism by the use of black and white lingerie; the scene bathed in red and blue, and the checkerboard floor in the interrogation room.  

The discovery of the deity-like figures in the form of tattoos also stood out in the blue Shawshank cinematic mood and tone of the music video. In due time , the Youtube conspiracy channels will have a field day with this one in the following days to point out the upside pyramid on the 18 live microphone, the famous Devil horns that Cardi B threw up multiple times throughout the video or the 666 designed earrings that Cardi’s agents wore, they usually find some crazy connections. Symbolic or Coincidence, they worked to give A+ ratings and got everyone talking.

‘Bitches be mad when they see Cardi step in the spot’ — Throughout the video, Cardi B is decked out in designer clothing. There is one dominant outfit that caught my attention and it’s the star-studded, fall 2018 Viktor & Rolf couture suit. And yes, St. Vincent wore a similar style to the Grammys this year but, Cardi put a little spiciness to it. Not too shabby, but naysayers will continue to hate talk and as Cardi B said — Bitches in my business, they tryna plot (Woo) Hoes poppin’ shit like they hot but they not (No). At the end of the music video, Cardi is seen drowning an inmate; prison-style ( I guess it’s a message to the haters). Currently, Cardi is still dealing with some legal issues in reality regarding the two bartenders at a New York strip club last year.

Let’s hope that this video is not a foreshadowing. 

Check out the video for “Press” above and the top three comments from Youtube. 

Comment Highlights

  1. T.N – Youtube: Nudity and explicit not allowed

                 Cardi B: Ding Dong

  1. J.E – Designer: Cardi, what dress would you like for the video?

               Cardi B: DRESS, DRESS,DRESS,DRESS,DRESS…Cardi don’t need no dress

3. L.H – I wasn’t ready for all this amazing feminism but I love it! 

Article Glossary 



Jamaican Slang used as an expression of surprise

Work she a work, anuh chicken she a jerk 


Jamaican Slang used to mean – “She came here to work, not to waste time” 

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