It felt like Christmas in October with the arrival of my Naughty or Nice 3D Mink lashes from Miss Foreign Lash Co, which came shipped in a shiny red metallic packaging that only helped to heighten my excitement to rip it open and see what was inside. The Naughty Or Nice Lashes arrived promptly to my doorstep after I received confirmation of shipment via my Instagram Dm. 

Upon opening the sleekly packaged lashes, the anticipation that I felt when the package first arrived was warranted, because inside were the sexiest pair of lashes I’ve seen thus far in the beauty industry. Dressed in what I would call “Lash Lingerie” the lashes sat in a see-through black mesh purse surrounded by blood red confetti and was seductively placed in a crystal-like case with a spoolie brush. Talk about attention to detail… I immediately said to myself “I can’t put these on without the help of a professional makeup artist, I have to do these lashes justice honeyyyyyy”

Clicking the Style Seat App within my iPhone I began the M.U.A (MakeUpArtist) search. As I scrolled through the app I found some decent makeup artist, but the one that stood out to me was Rosè by Binda, simply because the eyes on all her clients that were shown on her Style Seat profile & Instagram business page popped out to me. Her client’s pictures showed no creases in the foundation under the eyelid, perfectly stroked eyeliner with a highlighted finish to each face, this was exactly what I wanted and not to mention her prices weren’t bad either. I chose the Calm Slay which was $30 and included Foundation, Mascara, Brows, Powder (Bronze, Highlight, Set), Light Highlight and Contour. Eyeshadow wasn’t included though in this slay package, but I was content without it because I didn’t want to take away anything from the Naughty or Nice Lashes that I was prepared to get all the way into… 

I booked my slay appt with Rosè and anxiously waited for our MakeUp & Lash slay date that was scheduled on a Thursday @ 9:30pm. Rosè comes to you, by the way, ready to glam. Thank God she slays late night as well, I’m a mother first, and had to make sure my little one was fast asleep, ensuring that there weren’t going to be any interruptions, these lashes commanded your full attention! 

Thursday finally rolls around and Rosè arrives on time for our scheduled appointment. After setting up the beauty light and her makeup station, we began to chit chat and get familiar with each other, she shared some make up trends and knowledge with me while applying product to my face. Once Rosè was satisfied that my face was beat to the gawds, it was time to unveil the Naughty or Nice lashes and apply them. When she saw the lashes in my hand, both her facial expression and mouth said in unison  “Ohh those are niceeeeee” I responded by saying “I know that’s why I booked you lol, I wanted the lashes to receive the right recognition so I could review them properly.”

Rosè applied the lashes and commented, “They’re so full, plus they’re easy to apply and beautiful.” I agreed after blinking several times and noticed no real significant difference in heaviness between my natural eyelashes and the Naughty or Nice 3d mink lashes. Rosè sealed my look with some makeup setting spray, which in makeup language acknowledged that the calm slay was complete. When I finally got the chance to look in the mirror, my face screamed Glamour, even If Rosè said it was a calm slay, nothing was calm about it, I loved my look! We took some pic’s for instragam, snapchat and for business purposes,  Rosè then packed up her makeup kit and was on her way home.

I sashayed around the house a bit before wiping off majority of my makeup, leaving only the makeup on my eyes intact, I needed some public opinions in the morning. It wasn’t  long though, before I got some, after dropping my son to school the next day, many of the parents and even the teachers said “where are you going so early in the morning? You’re looking even more beautiful and glowing too.” I batted my eyes and said “nowhere.” People are noticing I said to myself, good! 

I went through my daily routine and the lashes still adhered to my eyelids without shifting or lifting, so ladies they’re durable. I also spent the better part of my day with them on, giving the Naughty Or Nice lashes a thorough test drive. When it was time to take them off, it was a breeze as well, and my natural lashes were still left on my eyelids. Yassss!

Im going to give my Naughty or Nice lashes from Miss Foreign Co, A Valid 10 out of 10 rating. To find out more about this boutique lash brand and their many different lash varieties visit https://www.missforeignco.com


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