“Lets Talk About It” A Radio Show Designed For The People

The “Let’s Talk About It” Show is designed for individuals who are seeking to be, currently in, or searching for an outlet to promote their brand, discuss their projects and tell their stories.
This concept was created as goal to acknowledge the forthcoming artists, veterans in the industry and entrepreneurs. We wanted to bring together new talent and people with years of experience in the music world and business minded individuals who can share their knowledge with the upcoming generation and inform those who are unaware of the hard work that comes before them.
This is the opportunity to educate this new generation on the history of hip hop, the struggles of reaching the top and where it all began. We’ve had different career-minded individuals sitting at our table, telling their stories on how they made it, their downfalls, their regrets and secrets on staying true to themselves. We’ve interviewed several known influencers and our efforts are to continue featuring rising artists. We’re here for the hard working people, that are trying to make a difference in this world.
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