K’Coneil’s Inspiration

K’Coneil’s musical style is a throwback to the turn of the century. An era where both urban genres and pop culture of the ’90s and early 2000s blended together harmoniously. From fly guy groups to solo projects, for the artist on the scene during that time, it was all about smooth moves and dressing the part. K’Coneil’s new music video for “Finesse and Style” could be construed as a tribute to the once-revered R. Kelly in a multitude of ways.

The preview of the K’Coneil’s video does show the inspiration to be reminiscent of that time. Still, the artist has maintained the tribute is more about paying homage to the sound, as opposed to the man often associated to it, despite him profoundly impacting his work. Kelly’s well-recognized fusion of R&B and hip hop laced with real talk and romantic provocativeness, which ultimately helped him to connect with his listeners and became his calling card.

In the same vein, crooner K’Coneil, integrates different genres like dancehall and R&B quite effortlessly. The genre-fluid singer made a splash and had the ladies swooning with hit singles like “Feel So Right,” “Loving You Right,” and “Gyal a You” from his 2016 EP Love/Lust. K’Coneil has steadily built a following of fans eager for more of his suave personality one of a kind sound.


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