Justice For Junior

“Out of anger comes controversy,

Out of controversy comes conversation,

Out of conversation comes action.” -Tupac Shakur

As I scrolled through my social media, all I saw was the tragic explicit videos and photos of poor 15-year-old Lesandro Guzman- Feliz who was better known as “Junior”. We all watched the news and heard the stories every day, but to actually see the horror for ourselves, was too much for many to bear. The videos and the stories that followed the initial footage showed the true colors of many people and how our world has changed. Junior was a good kid, loved by all and had dreams of becoming an NYPD Police Officer, taken way too soon.

 I’m not going to go into the explicit details of how he was murdered, because I feel the story has been repeated and twisted enough as is. What I will go into is the how many people had the opportunity to save his life and not one single person lent a hand. A mother’s young child was bleeding, dying, and asking for help and was turned away from somewhere he should have been safe. The owner of the establishment that he ran into for safety, sent him away even after he came back in the second time bleeding and asking for help. There was also a video released of someone filming the attackers getting out of cars and preparing to assault and kill Junior. Instead of stopping to call the cops most pulled out their phones and recorded instead. However, I am glad that all the videos led to catching those that participated in his death which I pray leads to a conviction.

 One thing that did come from all of this is that the tragedy has brought awareness to the world concerning our youth being in danger. So many parents including myself put ourselves in that mother’s shoes. Junior caught the attention of celebrities and politicians that could actually do more in the community to help bring a change.

 There have been 44 murders and sadly counting in the month of June and that’s just in the Bronx alone. Majority of these deaths were amongst our youth and were caused by gang violence. Our youth fall into gangs or the wrong crowd because they feel there is nothing better to do succumbing to peer pressure from the lack of active role models to teach them otherwise. When I was younger growing up on 183rd in that same neighborhood Junior lived in, we had quite a few programs for my siblings and myself that were either free or affordable. These places kept us with something to do and was our home away from home, an escape! Now almost all of these programs are extremely expensive and make it hard for many of the children to qualify. Today’s generation seems to think that they’re the law and we’re just letting them get away with this behavior, somewhere down the line we as a whole forget that we’re the teachers, we’re the ones who should be advocating for our kids. We should be paying more attention and giving our communities and the children who grow up in them a better place to live.

 Bronx 183rd st native Scott La Rock Jr son of the late legendary DJ Scott LaRock decided enough was enough and spoke out to Ruben about the lack of help in the community and demanded answers as to, “What the government was going to do change the community  for our children and their safety?” Since then Scott Jr. has used his voice to help bring change and justice not only for Junior but for the other families that have been victimized to the senseless violence happening in our own backyards.

 He has a created a GoFundMe account to raise money to start free programs and activities for our young ones. His first event is Sunday, July 8th 12 to 5 pm in Washington Park. Free registration will be given to children who wish to join a youth basketball league ages  8 to 19. This event will also have free food & drinks as well as music from a few special guest dj’s.


More Details About The Youth Basketball League



To Volunteer In Helping With The Free Programs, You Can Contact Scott La Rock Jr.

All Social Media Handles For Him Are @ScottLaRockJr

Link To GoFundMe Account:


 I end this article with these words,

“We as parents need to remember to be the change for our children. We are their teachers, protectors and most importantly their examples. Not just for our children but also for our children’s friends and the community. Things will only get better if we make it better. What happened to the days of it TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD?”

“Bonnie Speaks & You Listen”

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