Jane Macgizmo: Transitioning To The Next Chapter Of Life And Music

JANE MACGIZMO – It’s worth noting that Jamaican women in music are breaking records at their own pace consistently this year, especially in reggae and dancehall. Busting down the door to the ‘Boys Club’ with her vocals is Jane Macgizmo; an effervescent, genre-bending singer from Jamaica. Looking at the music industry at any angle in its entirety, that club is male dominated. 

However, creatives such as Denieze Anderson, popularly known as recording artiste Jane Macgizmo is making a statement not only with her anomaly lyrics — but with crafting her vision for her songs and music videos. 

Growing up in a parish called Manchester, Jane has dabbled in the areas of music composition and engineering while trying to find her sound. As a child, Jane enjoyed playing the piano; an instrument that would later lead her to becoming an independent music thinker. The thing that sets her apart from her cohorts is her multifaceted brand and background skills in beat making, photography, graphic design, video editing, and film making. 

Her work and communication skills are impeccable. From a daughter dancing on daddy’s shoes to having dancers from across the globe dancing to her own hit song ‘ One Away’; a song produced by Teflon Zinc Fence is a blend of Reggae, Dancehall, and Pop clocking up over 54,000 views and counting on Youtube. For the independent artiste, this was an ultimate dream to reality. 

“ Music means a lot to me because it’s the thing that made me become me. If I can inspire people, that warms my heart.” – Jane Macgizmo 

Her music is often described as international material, and since her debut, Jane’s singles;  ‘ Babylon’, ‘Black Skin’, and ‘Too Late’ has been circulated and was featured on the well liked American television show, BET Soul. Since recently, in the month of March, Jane Macgizmo joined forces with Koffee; another talented upcoming sensation on the track ‘Blazin’ — the video has already gained 697,203 views and counting on Youtube. She added her versatility with memorable melodic chorus with ease. Her words “ We’re the ones on fyah, got di whole world blazin” demands a pause —- playback on repeat. 

“ I am always blown away by my creativity. My music is very different and it stands out in its own way. Inspiration for my music comes from within, it’s influenced by my life experiences. Babylon represented me breaking free from a 9 to 5, Too Late came about when I fully immersed myself in music and wanting to escape from persons telling me what to do or what would work for my career. I find that my music is the growth in me.” – Jane Macgizmo

During Valid’s interview with Jane, in her own words, she described her music as bold, rebellious, sexy and impactful. A powerhouse in the making, Jane’s sound is reminiscent of the Golden Age of Jazz fused with the smooth, soulful R&B, and the upbeat edgy urban dancehall. Jane’s singing techniques are closely similar to those of the likes of neo-soul singer Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, and Rihanna. In the near future, Jane Macgizmo is looking forward to releasing an EP and wishes that she could do collaborations with the industry’s finest; Popcaan, Buju Banton, Kabaka Pyramid, and Rihanna. With a passion for helping people, she hopes to one day be the chief executive officer of her own record label. An opportunity such as that would enable her to help other artistes that want to venture outside of reggae and dancehall in Jamaica. Continue to support this new artiste with her new growth of locs and music, check her out on Spotify, Youtube and Instagram @JaneMacgizmo.  

“ Success is happiness to me, if you are happy then you are already successful. My advice to other upcoming artistes is, always work on your craft first before anything else. Be ready, because you are not going to get anything you are not ready for.” -Jane Macgizmo

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