It Doesn’t Stop There, Domestic Violence & Breast Cancer Awareness

Was the month of October as busy for you as it was for me? During the month of October, we raised awareness for Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence, although the month of October is over, we must remember for some the fight against Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence continues on! 

I had the pleasure of assisting as a makeup artist for the second time at the 50 Shades of Pink Foundation 6th Annual Gala with the Founder Dr. Jackie Walters. (@therealdrjackie) I also had the opportunity to assist as a makeup artist for The Rose of Sharon Organization presented by the “Living behind the Mask” Masquerade Gala Domestic Violence Fundraiser with Founder Rhonda Thompson. (@rhondaathompson) I met some incredible survivors at each event. 

“Living behind the Mask” was breathtaking, I applied makeup to my models, a complete full face of glam, and then accented the look by creating a bruise on the face before they walked the runway. I used my Master Bruise Wheel by Ben Nye to bring the look to life. The portrayal of beauty that showcased how women could still shine during and after experiencing so much pain was so POWERFUL to me, I truly have a better understanding of pain to purpose.  I understand better now, from my own personal experiences, but also from being around so many other strong and beautiful women that are proudly walking in their purpose. Not allowing past experiences to dictate their future, some of my models were survivors; some of their mothers were survivors and some just modeled for the cause. However, you would never know the difference, as many know the most painful scars we cannot see, but to see so many men and women standing boldly against the fight to STOP Domestic Violence was beyond amazing to me. 

Be sure to follow @voirbelle, @modavisphotography, @roseofsharon_atl, and @rhondaathompson to see more footage from the event and stay up to date on events to come in an effort to support and STOP Domestic Violence.  (Model shown: @krisajab)



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