Hope For Humanity By Meskel & Friends

 A message of hope echoes strongly throughout this neo-reggae fusion titled Hope for Humanity by Meskel (Emile Arnold) & friends, produced by Emile and Sheldon Taylor.  This song beautifully captures our current realities, appealing to the consciousness of its global audience by its underlying themes of love, support, survival, and unity in the face of adversaries. Meskel says the central idea behind the song is to nevertheless  “empowering people…not to be too dismay by the negatives but to try to stay positive”. He further urges his fellow countrymen to “take responsibility for our actions by helping to follow the rules…maintain social distancing…ensuring everybody survives” in these dire times. ” We can overcome! ” Meskel proclaims as hope, love, and unity orbit the entire song.

The atmospheric intro, undertoned with strings and wind instruments, sets a positive, uplifting tone that skilfully drives the message of hope and togetherness to combat issues faced. 

 “Hope for Humanity” has many layers that each voice peels away as the song progresses, the lead female vocalist effortlessly croons the chorus,  her voice held conviction as well as displayed a smooth, steady range, a great complement to the overall edgy tones of the others. This was the highpoint of the song after a gritty intro from the male vocalist, a bit of hiccup but he rebounded better in the second verse although a bit offbeat at times because of the stretching of some words.  However, he’s a solid starter in line with the thematic flow of the song despite the early introduction of the clapping in the first verse, it takes away from the fluidity of the song in the beginning. In the bridge, another highpoint, the true colours of the lead artistes shone true as they took on the higher and more challenging notes with competence. It further elevated the song to another level showcasing talent and musical range. Truly extraordinary!

  Instrumentally, the song has a rich, rhythmic accompaniment that complements the vocal track perfectly. Great Latin guitar in the background, mostly impactful in the bridge, hence the distinctive fusion.

The performance quality gained throughout, both vocally and instrumentally. Overall, a raw message, great performance, and catchy meaningful lyrics, especially the chorus, which gave a sing-a-long type of vibe. “Yes we can overcome, we will overcome, mankind will survive…”


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