Going Green, A Vegan Blurb

It’s an odd day in Los Angeles. It’s overcast, the wind has kicked up a few notches before I arrive to my destination. I walk into the house a bit anxious and excited, I’m about to film my friend cook for the third week in a row, vegan plates she’s been selling since she quit her day job.

The menu for Wednesday is green chili, black beans, and vegetable Enchiladas, red rice and a side of salad. The vegetables are fresh zucchini, mushroom, tomatoes and black beans wrapped in a tortilla, topped with almond cheese and green chili sauce, melted down on top to perfection. So why take on this venture after having a stable 9-5 at her previous employer?

“There aren’t any healthy eating spots in my neighborhood. This is something I can do for people who want to try and eat healthier or want to because it’s coming from me. I’m not a health expert, but it’s nice I can do this once a week, people can eat better and not go vegan, but explore other options.”
After quitting a stable 9-5 and going three weeks strong, it’s no doubt that Ravyn Charles will add value to the community in which she is serving. With a great support system from her family, friends and Father’s church, believing, supporting and investing in each other- especially when it comes to better and healthier food options, it’s also great to know it’s affordable at only $10 per plate. Do you have to go vegan to try or eat the food, no? But it definitely is a new alternative to a healthier lifestyle, Be sure and follow @chancletacharles on IG for Wednesday’s Menu. Jump to the video for the action!
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