Gabriella Kochella releases a sultry new single titled “Fussin + Fightin.”

The Jamaican rooted and New York-based crooner Gabriella Kochella releases a sultry new single titled “Fussin + Fightin.” Similar to the sound SZA and Summer Walker curated on their highly acclaimed music, Gabriella adapts the same concept of making this song touch upon more profound about love rather than just quick sex.

However, what separates her from her colleagues is adding in her signature Carribean flair but being subtle about it. If you pay attention carefully to the track, you hear traces of her Jamaican roots. She makes it sound more American, which is very rare, and only artists of curtain Calibur can display such a range of musical vernacular.

Tied to her Jamaican roots, Gabriella kept her songwriting a secret because she was afraid of what her loved ones would think. Gabriella Kochella is the outspoken version of herself. – Gabriella’s inner thoughts growing up in New York being a creative

From finding balance within the relationship on both sides, building trust between lovers, and loving each other for more than just physical means, “Fussin + Fightin” really showcases the entire concept of what love is. Real love is never perfect; as the song title states, at times, lovers will end up “Fussin + Fightin.”

With a bright personality and a 90s R&B soul, Gabriella has everything it takes to become the next star in music! If you need to get a better sense of her, the single is available on all streaming platforms.

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