From The Pole To The Promise

Milwaukee native, now Atlanta resident, Yesmeen Jiles, releases her official memoir, From the Pole to the Promise via Amazon Books now. The heartfelt and truthful memoir tells the story of Jiles who turned to a street lifestyle following a troubled past and later through self-discovery became a motivational speaker empowering women from all walks of life.

“Yesmeen’s journey reveals to us as women, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and a silver lining in every storm cloud when you are willing to press through your pride and your past to do the work it takes to realize how much God loves you and desires to use you for the purpose you were created for. Yesmeen’s beautiful story, her loyalty as a friend, and her love as a sister has transformed me in ways that words cannot even capture. My hope is that everyone who reads this book will be made whole at the turning of the last past. Enjoy the journey!” says, Minister Lakara Foster, M.Ed.

After leaving Milwaukee as a young adult in pursuit of a better life, the mother of two, and a same-gender-loving woman, Jiles, spent many years under the alias, “Mz. Anonymouz,” stripping at some of Atlanta’s most infamous strip clubs. While the adult entertainment business proved to be lucrative for her – she always felt there was more to life than the “pole.” Women of all walks of life, seem to draw close to her in search for soul, advice, and family. Thus, giving Yesmeen a thirst for a better life and positive surrounding. Fast forward, after being triumphant through years of abuse, financial hardships, self-doubt, and heartbreak, Jiles graduated from Atlanta Tech and began working in ministry at a church she calls home every Sunday. Yesmeen Jiles hopes that her story will inspire readers to know that all things are possible through Christ.

Yesmeen Jiles’ debut memoir From the Pole to the Promise is available now via Amazon Books. For more information on Yesmeen Jiles visit her official Facebook at

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