Earth Warrior

What do you consider a warrior? We always think of a fighter, someone engaged in a battle. Well, there are different types of battles and there different type of warriors,
let me introduce you to a couple of Rastafarians, who are fighting a battle. A conscious battle, one where they can safely say they’re fighting for each one of us, yes everyone on Earth, as a matter of fact!

Let me quickly bring you up to speed, Rastafarians are big on culture and our environment, they live in accord with nature and see Earth as our blessings, and as a mother figure who feeds and looks after us. Now in return, it’s our job to take care of her, a quote from “Jah Mikes”, A Jamaican who has a duet with Elevashaun, who also hails from the Island of Jamaica.

Now with the mining concerns that where taking place in the Cockpit County of Jamaica the people and all the supporters of Jamaican life culture and environmentalist alike stepped in. They’ve been a living example, no more so than their latest single titled “Cockpit County”. Its a track that focuses on just that, our environment and what it means to us. The single is melodic yet straight to the point.

Both notable acts, They have singles on various instrumentals and Elevashaun is a touring artist with songs like “Mamma Africa”, “Bubbling Ova” and more hits.  He is currently doing some stints in New York City before heading back to Jamaica…

Go take a listen to his latest single and understand where and why we have to protect Earth and support acts like Jah Mike and Elevashaun…

Pusha Yute

  1. I totally agree. Many heroes and warriors die before being recognized but today Michael Larmond and Omar Manderson are playing their part in creating awareness of how mother earth is being destroyed. Leaders in Jamaica and over the world should encourage this awareness and support their musical career. Big up to you both. Prosperity to your musical career and one love mon.

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