“Dont You Worry About A Thing” A Valid Music Review

Sis, don’t you “Worry About A Thing” is what you would say on the other end of the phone, this is a deep conversation with your best friend, she’s hurting and trying to heal, the world has beat her up, yet she finds solace in your encouraging words.

“Don’t You Worry” a song by Reggae Pop Heiress K’Reema is what I would equate to being, a “musical best friend,” slow, winding, rhythmic. The words are soothing and comforting to the ears, making you want to draw closer to the beat of the rhythm, nudging you to pick yourself up from whatever dark place you’re in. I almost wanted to wrap my arms around myself, and just sway from side to side as she sang.

K’Reema uses her voice as a catalyst to create a connection with listeners, her earthy tone is pronounced with subtle high notes sprinkled throughout the track. “Don’t You Worry” blends the right touch of impact and isn’t overly saturated with fluff or filler on how to push through life, the repetitive term “Don’t You Worry” is simply enough and drives home the message of the track. Hailing from reggae royalty,  Daughter of King “YellowMan” it is easy to see why K’reema is the Reggae Pop Heiress, I look forward to hearing more from this emerging artist.


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