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Pose. Smile. Click!

Three simple words that would describe a regular shoot day with Domz Media. However, its more complex than simply pushing a button. When it comes to Domz Media, theres a number of different concepts to discover and a lot more ways to explore them.

 Early Life

Born in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Dominique Davis is the CEO/Founder of Domz Media.

He is a self-taught Jamaican (photo/video)grapher. Raised in a Christian household, Domz love for the art of photography was instilled in him by his father, Dave Davis. Interested in people photography as a child, he began his career at the tender age of 8. Understanding exposure through manual modes takes some time and practice. But, on late afternoons, you could find young Dominique, behind his camera training it on inanimate objects. The camera, he thought, would help bring him closer to his dad, who was also a photographer.

 My dad was a photographer, he was the hustling type who enjoyed shooting weddings, and graduations just to name a few,says Domz. Whenever he had a job to do, I would usually go with him. At the time, I would be the one to get the images printed.With each print, he knew photography would play a vital role in his future. Slowly, I became my fathers right hand demanding my presence as a young (photo/video)grapher. People were always surprised when they encountered me at these events; however, my work spoke for itself,says Domz.

 Naturally, he embraced his talents and by the age of 17, he co-founded Limited Edition Family Photography. This group of six called themselves The Promoters, covering mostly high school parties and school-related events. As destiny intended, there will always come a time for the lone wolf to leave the pack. And, in 2015, Domz Photography  later known as Domz Media came into being.


Motion, Depth, and Focus.

When it comes to proving yourself professionally, its very important to show and tell. If you take a cursory snoop through Domz Media Instagram page — he does just that. Domz Media captures images and visuals that showcase a collection of beauty ranging from portrait, fashion, photojournalism, travel, sports photography, and documentaries. In Jamaica, he established himself as the go-to photographer for wealthy socialites as seen from photoshoots with the likes of Krystal Tomlinson, Asafa Powell, Emprezz Golding, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Kamila McDonald, and Beenie Man. In 2019, his 8,000 followers on Instagram got a chance to witness American comedian, television host, producer, radio personality, actor, and author Steve Harvey’s arrival in Montego Bay for the Sagicor Motivational Seminar (SMS).

 Domz has also played the role of director, editor, and behind-the-scenes photographer for music videos for numerous Reggae and Dancehall musicians such as Jah Vinci, Buju Banton, Marcy Chin, and Dyani  — the list goes on. However, with his culturally conscious eye, his true passion is capturing the reclamation of Black Femininity. Above all, Domz recognizes that he who wields the camera has the power to change a narrative, especially when it comes to women of color.

 I like to think that I’m a visual storyteller who focuses on the diversity within the black community,  particularly black women,says Domz. Dont get me wrong, I like people but, when I get to photograph a black woman in her essence theres always a feeling of empowerment, and that image of power matters. Furthermore, this accomplished photographer has worked with reputable organizations such Phase 3 Productions, Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), United Nations Childens Fund (UNICEF), Jamaica as well as Reggae Sumfest. It is safe to say the 27-year-old (photo/video)grapher has been around a lot of very important people.

Thats a Wrap!

 Despite being at the top of his game and rubbing shoulders with some top moguls, Dominique Davis stays true to his down-to-earth personality. If humbleness was a person, it would definitely be him. However, as with any creative, downtimes will come and when it does, Domz turns to music as a coping mechanism. Whenever I feel down or get discouraged, I listen to music. One of my favorite songs I like to listen to is I Can by Chronixx,says Domz. At other times I plug into some Protoje.” Born with relentless hustle, he is constantly challenging himself to raise the bar higher above his struggles. When asked where he is aiming to get with his hard work, Domz points to creating more films, his work being shown on a billboard in New York Times Square, and expanding Domz Media into a full service production company that encourages creative freedom.

 In life, the journey to success will always be a very tedious one. However, success for me is keeping your mind and body healthy. Materialistic things dont matter, just keep focused on our goals everything else will fall into place. I love to make people smile, I like to keep people happy, creating profound memories is what I live for.

– Dominique Davis




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