Dancehall Artist “Roxstar” On The Verge Of Stardom

He’s, humble, charismatic, confident, lyrical and outspoken with a conscientious outlook on life. Roxstar has the talent and ambitions of what it takes to make it into this fierce egocentric entertainment industry. Roxstar is more laid back when it comes to his persona.

However, listening to his music, he doesn’t hold back with his hardcore style and delivery and edgy voice that dominates the beat with his bold lyrics.

Coming up from humble beginnings, growing up in Jamaica, Roxstar aspires to become an entertainer looking up to famous Dancehall artists such as   Bounty Killa, Buju Banton, and Shabba Ranks.  Besides honing his talent as a Dancehall act, Roxstar can easily tap into other musical markets such as Hip Hop and Afrobeat. His lyrics and delivery allow him to transcend genres and with his street/urban, casual image Roxstar is on the verge of making it mainstream.

What sets Roxstar apart from other newcomers in Dancehall is his ambition and love for his craft. Roxstar can sound hardcore with his lyrics while delivering a positive message to his audience of dancehall fans. Roxstar is already picking up excellent traction with his breakout single titled “Man a King”.  The song is pretty much about expressing self-assurance and self-confidence and letting his listeners know that [we] are black royalty. Roxstar always keeps himself busy in the studio making new music and working on his follow up single to “Man a King.” He is looking forward to releasing an EP soon. Possible collaborations he hopes to achieve is with Koffee/Chronixx/Kranium/Tory Lanez/Popcaan/Jesse Royal/Dre Island/and Protoje.
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