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Valid Cocktails



Bourbon Infused with \Orange Flower\ Solerno Blood Orange\America Cocchi\Orange Bitters\Soda Water

Cocktail Provided by

Umberto Passasrelli

The One Group Lifesytle Hospitality

STK Restuarants

One Hospitailty



Tequila Sunrise 

Reposado Tequila\ Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice\Americano Rosa\Citron Sauvage\Amaro Nonino\PricklyPear\Bell Pepper Grenadine

Cocktail Provided by Orchard City Kitchen


Cholaca GrassHopper

-An Original Cocktail By The BarBack Tool Guy aka @OriginalBarBack

Ready For The Holidays? Jazz Things Up A Bit With This Creamy, Minty Martini.

What You Will Need Is :
– Clear Creme de Cacao, Green Creme de Menthe, Brandy, @cholaca Pure Liquid Cacao (Or Liquid Chocolate), Half-n-Half Cream, Solid Milk Chocolate, Crushed Graham Cracker Crumbs, One Fresh Orange, A Large Mixing Glass, A Shaker Tin, A Strainer, An Original BarBack Tool (Or A Veggie Peeler, A Cheese Grater And A Knife) And A Martini Glass.

  • First, You Chill A Martini Glass In The Freezer.
  • Next, Fill A Large Mixing Glass With Ice
  • Add Two Ounces Of Brandy (Or Any Barreled Aged Spirit) Into Mixing Glass
  • Add One Ounce Of Creme de Cacao, And One Ounce Of Green Creme de Menthe
  • Measure One Ounce Each Of: Half-n-Half Cream And Cholaca Pure Liquid Cacao
  • Take Your Chilled Martini Glass And Rub The Edge With An Orange Slice To Make It Sticky, Then Dip The Sticky Glass Rim Into A Plate Of Graham Cracker Crumbs
  • Shake The Full Mixing Glass Vigorously And Strain Into The Martini Glass
  • Shave Some Chocolate On Top With A BarBack Tool Zester, And Place A Rolled Orange Peel Garnish On The Rim (Use A Toothpick To Keep Roll Tight)
    • Enjoy!

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