Beautified, What Is Beauty To You?

These days everyone is obsessed with the beauty industry and everything that pertains to it. I myself often go on the hunt to find the perfect concealer or the right foundation that would give me that perfect matte finished skin tone, so in essence I’m obsessed too. Looking to get a more in-depth knowledge of this market, I had to enlist the help of Snow, a makeup artist who is rapidly rising within the beauty scene.

What is Beauty to You?
✨Beauty is being unapologetically yourself.

How did you get your start?
✨I officially started doing makeup in 2014. A lot of my friends and other random people would always ask me if I did makeup on others and one day I just took it into consideration. I started practicing on my cousins faces first and once I felt like I was comfortable I started charging.

What beauty influencers do you admire?
✨Honestly, at the moment there are none that I admire. No one seems humble to me, but I hope to be one that all the new and old admire.

What are some of your favorite beauty products currently?

✨I love love love everything from Fenty. Haters will say it’s because I love Rihanna, but no I genuinely love the quality of her products.  I also live for Juvia place palettes my goal is to own everything on the website.

 What are some beauty products that you can’t live without?

  ✨Eyeshadow Palettes
You don’t leave home without what beauty product?
  My Black Radiance Contour Palette for touch-ups

Quick Make-Up Tip for the everyday woman
✨A little goes a very long way and quality over quantity sis!!! Don’t be scared to invest in your makeup.

Give me some Makeup Do’s 
✨Do: Blend, Get color matched, have a collection of different lipsticks for your moods.

Let’s Use Beauty As an Acronym



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