Baddoll Collabs with Chronic Law on ‘Enthralled’

She’s got the talent, and the sex appeal along with an alluring personality to ‘enthrall’ dancehall fans.

The Kingston based artist is an upcoming dancehall artist born Rochelle Jacas who goes by the stage moniker “Baddoll.” With the number of women now dominating in the local entertainment scene, Baddoll is ready to make her mark on the dancehall scene with her own distinctive sound and lyrical flair. She is armed with a seductive voice that delivers an edgy  yet provocative lyrics along with a “bad gal” persona that will surely appease dancehall fans. As a female artist that has been pursuing music for a while, Baddoll knows how hard she has to persevere and knows that more obstacles are out there to overcome… but she’s resilient and always on her grind.

Baddoll is now starting to make headway with her music career. She is currently working with One:Time Music Production (@onetime_music)  team and is also signed to Touch Grung Inc. (@touchgrunginc).

Baddoll has been teasing the song for some time now and is excited  to finally released the track this past weekend. The song is called “Enthralled” which features one of dancehall’s fast rising stars Chronic Law from the 6ixx camp.

Fans can keep up with Baddoll on IG @baddoll_official.

Listen to Enthralled here


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