Preeminent artist-first music streaming platform Audiomack launches a brand new collection of original music entitled SKYLINE: KINGSTON. A on going project highlighting talent in Jamaica.

Introducing SKYLINE: KINGSTON, Audiomack unveils “Holiday Freestyle” by Jahmiel and “Intentions” by Giark x T’Jean. A pair of songs will follow each week for the next two weeks. Expect to hear bangers from the likes of Vanessa Bling, Bakersteez, Projexx, Maestro Don, and Dane Ray.

Audiomack’s international SKYLINE series continues with the release of SKYLINE: KINGSTON. The project, recorded over the span of one week, includes six new singles from rising and established dancehall and reggae artists from the region, all produced by Audiomack creative director and producer TGUT, whose own impressive resume boasts collaborations with Rich The Kid, Lil Pump, Megan Thee Stallion and more. An accompanying behind-the-scenes video includes commentary from reggae legend Tarrus Riley and exclusive freestyle footage of Intence, I Watta, Progress, and more. Gathering footage from a variety of Kingston’s most famous music studios and the streets of Papine, SKYLINE KINGSTON presents both the rich sounds of a music culture tapping into the digital age and the lively scenery that birthed such creativity.

As of 2019, Audiomack is regularly used for music streaming and discovery by roughly 11% of Jamaica’s population. Armed with a pack of riddims and a camera, the Audiomack team of TGUT, CMO/co-founder David Ponte, and Director of Reggae and Afrobeats Tanya Lawson visited Kingston earlier this year. The goal was to meet with the city’s leading musical tastemakers, hear from artists both established and emerging about the richness of Jamaica’s current reggae and dancehall artists, and make some music.

SKYLINE: KINGSTON spotlights Audiomack’s worldwide reach, influence, and commitment to curating a global sound for listeners everywhere.

-Marie Driven

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