Alkaline & Jahvy Create New Waves

Jahvy from Tru Ambassador Ent. returns to prominence with new hit single ‘Hostage’
Simply being a producer on Alkaline’s album, ‘Top Prize’ is a buzz-worthy feat unto itself. After all, it’s not the first time the producer and artiste worked together to make a hit song, such as ‘Ocean Wave’. Alkaline has worked with many producers since the beginning of his career, some of which faded with time. Jahvy, being one of the top producer it’s no surprise when They decided to link once again to create a new hit single ‘Hostage’.  A new song that seems to be throat-clearing with all the positive reviews since the release on May 14th 2021.
We hopped on the phone with Jahvy to talk about his return to prominence, how and why he and Alkaline work so well together, and what’s next.
“It’s always a great vibe working with alkaline he’s a very creative artiste and emphasizes hugely on details and perfection so it’s always good working with him,” Jahvy said. He also included, “look out for More music, and music videos, collaborative projects, merch, new website, more alkaline features, and many other artists.” It seems like jahvy have a hand in everything this summer.
Hostage is available on all media platforms
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