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Monique Cendrecourt

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Founder & CEO, Monique Cendrecourt is energetic, fresh and accessible with many contacts in the Music, Media, and Lifestyle industries. She has spent over 5 years diligently sharpening her skills to emerge as one of the top contenders within these creative fields. As an innovator, Monique has produced and created a reality talk radio show titled ” Speaking Out Loud ” that aired on She is continuously branding her brand Valid Professionals LLC and its conglomerates. Monique is no stranger to creating ideas and concepts to catapult a career, she intends to use her newest project, A Valid Review Digital Magazine to do so. Known as “OHHSOVALID”, a name that adds a stamp of validity and upholds integrity, ethics that Ms. Cendrecourt applies to all projects that she pursues. Drop the coverup, and become exposed. -OhhSoValid

Music,Media & lifestyle Contributors


Asst Editor Of A Valid Review Magazine 

She dodges raindrops and hopes to chill one day on her own big yacht. Makeda Bawn alias Zhaneirie; Zhane ( meaning Gift of God ) and Irie ( meaning happy and positivity in Jamaican creole) was born on April 8, 1996, in St Catherine, Jamaica. She then moved to Clarendon, Jamaica with her parents. She became a fan of the Art of Photography and developed a love for advocacy in high school. At the age of 15, she gained experience in advocating after enrolling in the Jamaica National Resolution project. This project was established to teach youth in rural high schools about photography and how to use it as a tool to advocate for positive changes in their communities and country. It was a great stage to portray her world through the lens of a camera. In 2014, she was awarded for Best Body Image for her photograph entitled; “Pure, Her Most Prominent Possession”. Her photographs were on exhibition at the Departure Pier in both Norman Manley and Sangsters International airport. As well as at the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre in London, United Kingdom. She is also a poet and has had published works in the Jamaica Sunday Gleaner. Her poetry encompasses the ideologies of socialist feminism. Also In the summer of 2014, she was one of a group of young Jamaicans, who graduated from two intensive workshops on videography hosted by Phase Three Productions; one of Jamaica’s well known full- service television and multi-media production company. After which she wrote and directed a short film entitled Forgotten Voices. Currently, she is an actress in a children’s animated puppet show called Ackee Walk on Television Jamaica, created in partnership with UNICEF Jamaica to teach children about their rights and responsibilities. It is the first of its kind on the island, it follows the adventures of two characters, “Kingston” and “Lucea”. She is the voiceover actress and puppeteer for the character Lucea. Makeda Bawn is a photographer, writer, poet, actress, advocate, videographer, social media content creator and production coordinator. She currently attends the University of Technology pursuing her Bachelors of Arts degree in Communication Arts and Technology. She hopes to one day be added to the history books for her future contributions in Photography, Journalism and Film production.

“ Everyone has a story to tell, its the voice that we choose to speak it, will determine how the world will receive and perceive it” – Zhaneirie


Roxxi Chung

About Roxxi Chung:

Tracy- Ann “Roxxi” Chung got her start in the music industry first through starting her own music blog “MusicKonnec” centered on Caribbean music ( Reggae, Dancehall, and Soca). With her passion for media and entertainment and writing for media skill set, she landed an opportunity to co-host, produce and to blog for Source Life Radio, located on Wall Street. SLR is an online urban radio platform that allows both new and established artists to showcase their talent. At SLR, Roxxi also produced and hosted her own weekly segment, “Top 20 Reggae and Dancehall Hitlist”. Roxxi has had the opportunity to interview notable artists such as Ricky Blaze, Future Fambo, Kranium, K’coneil, Omari Banks, and King Yellow Man’s daughter Kreema. Since the start of 2019, she switches gears by venturing into PR and became a Public Relations Coordinator at PlayBook MG, overseeing her own projects for her clients. Roxxi is grateful for the opportunity to be working alongside celebrity publicist Marie “Driven” Theodore.  Marie has represented Remy Ma, Papoose, celebrity stylist Kidear Youmans, Spice, Chef Patrick, Wyclef Jean, Marian Hall (aka Lady Saw), Sting Jamaica, and Mr. Vegas.

Follow on Social Media: @roxxichung

Felisha Brown

Beauty & Lifestyle Columnist

 Felisha Brown is a Freelance Makeup Artist from Queens, New York.  Felisha attended the Empire Beauty School in New York City where she was introduced to makeup from a professional perspective and from there she fell in love with the art and it reverted her attention from Hair Styling immediately.  

Upon completion of school, she took on the title of Freelancer and with hard work and consistency, she created a buzz for herself through social media channels such as Instagram. Felisha has worked through many different outlets like BET Centric, and VH1 doing some familiar faces. 

She has worked with Latice Crawford, Azealia Banks and Omarion along with some of your favorite reality stars, like Bianca Golden from America’s Next Top Model. She’s also been able to see the world through her make-up, including tours of Europe and several different ventures here in the US. 

Although Felisha loves touring, her daily work comes from everyday people in her community who love and supports what she does. In an industry that’s becoming saturated with aspiring artists, Felisha has developed a genuine interest in providing mentorship and education courses to aspiring and beginning MUAs. She has a great desire for assisting them in finding their place and helping them to create their own unique style to promote and nurture their own successful career. 

Khadija Romney

Khadija Romney is a woman of integrity and virtue, a self-starter and a dedicated entrepreneur. Over the last 10 years, Khadija has served the community, dedicated to helping the youth and young adults become better selves. She has spoken at numerous events on character development, creating a growth mindset, mastering conflict resolution, life after high school: college, career and beyond and systematically planning for a better self and future. Over the years she has worked in various communities such as  Miami -Dade County, Bronx, NY, currently highlands county.

Khadija was once of the underprivileged community, she has risen above her circumstances and is now a certified teacher, CEO of Visionary Decor, creator and published author of Becoming a Better You Planner, CEO of a book publishing firm and President of a registered non-profited organization called Heiresses of Christ. Khadija is dedicated to cultivating the dreams and purposes, in the lives of women and youth. She has hosted and spoke at many women empowerment and support groups, women conferences, teen summit, and schools. Ms. Romney has motivated hundreds through speeches of her daily affirmations. She hopes that both women and youth implement strategies learned from her to activate change to help them become better selves daily.  Khadija Romney truly impacts and helps change lives on and off stage. She is also a licensed and ordained evangelist seasoned and anointed by the Holy Spirit to destroy curses and break bands of wickedness.

Visual Contributors

Khristine Easterwood. Better known as ‘KayDot Renay’ a quirky girl from Los Angeles, California with a camera and a vision.

 “I’m what I believe to be the Kendrick Lamar of Photography”

KayDot didn’t see herself becoming an artist, until after graduating Santa Monica High School at the age of 17. With a passion for the unique and a talented eye for style, she honed her creative techniques and blossomed into the artist that you see today. Most notable projects as a photographer are; New York Fashion Week, A Valid Review Online Digital Magazine, while continuing to work with creatives such as; Terrace Martin, Eric Bellinger, Rauziel aka ARoC, John Silver, and Neyo. Covering events like the Pandora Festival, Power 106 Celebrity Basketball Event, Soulquarius, Kay Dots résumé encompasses a very impressive roster.


Raynor Allen is a Multimedia Producer. Born in the parish of St. Andrew in 1987, Currently, a freelance multimedia producer, Raynor practices the disciplines of photography and video production.

After studying Literatures in English at The University of the West Indies, he has gained extensive experience in management for over eight years, spanning the fields of communication, Public Relations, hospitality, media, and talent. He has worked with brands such as Dish Network through Home Entertainment Systems, Procter and Gamble’s brands: PUR, Pringles, Swiffer, Febreze, Puffs, Bounty, Charmin, Braun, Duracell, Tide, Pampers, Luvs and more.

In more recent years, Raynor has branched out more into entertainment, working closely with musicians such as Tasha T, Sly & Robbie, Worm Bass, Anthony Red Rose, Vania Colours, Anju Blaxx, Blak Diamon, Tanto Metro & Devonte to name a few.

Due to his work ethic, dedication, ability to bridge various gaps, willingness to help and his all-rounded capacity, Raynor has been able to establish a personal relationship with the above-named individuals. In addition, he has also built ongoing relationships with Cherry Bar Films in New York and A Valid Review Magazine New York.

Raynor’s skill set includes; writing, producing and developing media content through photography, videography, directing, editing and social media consulting. His networking skills and contacts have allowed him to build relationships with corporate client bases which includes: UNAIDS, The Ministry Of Health, Jamaican Teas, Lucozade, Key Insurance, Jetcon, Rotaract, Sanmerna Paper Products, Pure Crystal Water among others.

Currently, Raynor is in the process of launching a new modeling and talent management agency in Jamaica, with hopes of revolutionizing the field and bringing integrity and credibility to the industry. He is also developing a few television series that will explore and push Brand Jamaica across multiple platforms.