Boston based independent recording artist and songwriter, Marcus Lewis professionally known as 1TakeDaytona, is a force to be reckoned with. First introduced to music as a featured artist on the track “No Breaks” by Hugh Glizzy, from there, managed by Dj Promo his musical journey took on a life of his own. With his easy laid back yet determined personality, often accompanied by his signature phrase of  “you’ll be alright” 1TakeDaytona takes life’s unexpected trials and tribulations as stories to tell through his music.

His cutting edge flow of fervent lyrics makes him a sought after, new generation rapper that is diverse in different genres of music from Hip Hop to Soul and even R&B. 1TakeDaytona’s humble beginnings, growing up in a single-parent household inevitably shaped him to become the driven, high spirited and self motivated individual that he is today. Intent on using his music to uplift and empower a young nation of change-makers, he uses real life experiences to fuel the sound of his music. A truly passionate artist, he cuts straight to the core of his listeners’ emotions with his singles like “Scripture” and “Murder She Wrote” – which provokes a profound response from his audience.

Catching up with 1TakeDaytona was no easy task, being that his musical career has been evolving at a rapid pace, luckily in between a studio session, 1TakeDaytona gave us the opportunity to chat and vibe with him, here is what we spoke about…

So Daytona, can I call you that? Your buzzin in the streets, how does that feel?

“It feels good, sometimes unreal, coming from where I come from, and seeing that I could really do this, and be successful still seems unreal to me.”

Let me ask you, now that people are catching onto your sound, are you pressured to outdo yourself musically? Meaning, we know that you’re consistently putting out music, does the next track you’re about to release have to be better than the last song you dropped?

“Regardless of people catching onto my sound or not I feel like every song gotta be better than the last, I plan on being here for a long time, so I gotta make sure my music doesn’t ever get old and it keeps leveling up.”

Tell me what inspires you to write music?

“The fact that I’m able to produce the type of songs I write and record, is an inspiration in itself, being able to do that inspires me for sure, so I’m going to say I inspire myself, but outside of that, knowing that I have a way to help everyone around me be straight and become successful in their own way inspires me too. I plan on making sure everybody I love is straight.”

What’s the vibe like when you get into the studio and record, I’ve heard you speak about being #Antisocial before, do you prefer it to just be you and the engineer, or a bunch of people in the recording studio with you? What’s being Antisocial anyway, especially when it comes to being a musical artist, I’m a little confused, what artist wants to be antisocial? You need fans and people you know, lol, give me some insight on that!

“When I record I like it to just be me and my people that I’m most comfortable with in there. I feel like the songs come out better when I got my people with me, I feed off their energy, and in terms of being antisocial really just pertains to my everyday life outside of music, business is business at the end of the day, so if I have to interact with people on that level, I got no problem with it.”

What makes an artist successful in your eyes?

“To me, a successful artist is someone who stays true to themselves and everyone around them, even after the money and fame.”

Who are your top five artists dead or alive and why?

“I got a whole catalog of favorite artists, but my top 5 would have to be Lil Durk, Lil Baby, 6lack, Toosii, and Rod Wave. These are my top 5 because I can relate to they music the most, and they keep it real, and raw in all they songs.”

I know you’re an independent artist, but do you ever plan to sign to a label?

“I don’t plan on signing to a deal at all, but if the numbers are good, and it makes sense I probably would. I don’t like the thought of being told what to do or when to drop. I’ve worked for other people my whole life, when I get the opportunity to be my own boss, I want it to be in full effect, real Boss Shit!”

Do you think it’s best to stay an independent artist or have a major machine behind you pushing your music?

“I feel like it depends on your work ethic, being independent has its perks, but it’s far from easy, everything comes out of you and your team’s pocket financially. Also if you don’t have a strong fan base your numbers ain’t gon be crazy, so that can be discouraging too. If you have that drive, being independent is the way to go, but if not being signed ain’t bad either, just gotta know what you signing into.”

Do you feel artists get used by Major Labels, we know that a lot of artists have to buy themselves out of their music deal or have to pay their label to put out an album, what’s your take on that?

“I feel like artists definitely get used but it’s not entirely their fault, Some may not read over the deal through and through, and some just honestly don’t know what they’re getting themselves into.”

What’s up next on your musical agenda, besides performing at packed out venues, “I like to speak things into existence”?

“Honestly, I’m just letting things flow, tryna get my following up along with my streams. I already have a good idea of what comes with all this, step by step, so I’m just tryna knock things down as they come.”

Shout out your team real quick, whose helping you along this musical journey of yours?

“I definitely want to say shout out to Kevin (Dj Promo) my manager for believing in me since day 1 after recording my first single ever! And of course my loved ones for being my backbone and giving me something to fight for. Last but not least my killer P&R team Monique and Zee (Valid Professionals LLC) for killing it on the backend, without them I’d be lost still tryna put pieces together.”

Where can the people find you socially & Musically?

“Across all platforms musically and socially I can be officially found as “1TakeDaytona”

Thank you for your time Daytona, I know you gotta get back in the booth to keep creating those hits.

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-Valid Professionals LLC

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